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All classes 30+

What are we about? 

- Anonymous is a casual friendly guild that takes their raiding pretty serious with no major gear requirements however we would like you to start working on some resist gear, OT Hammer and a Midnight Mallet.  Before you are able to become a Full Member we do require at least 20% raid attendance.  We do try to play with a strict Real Life > Game Life policy.

We do not require bat phone response however we do expect that you participate in some guild functions such as raiding, epic fights (especially if you would like one done for you) when you are logged in.   We do our best to promote acceptance of all levels of dedication to the game.  We also take ourselves seriously when it is time to raid, and we are serious about progressing through new content and moving forward as a guild. 

- We are family-friendly and a lot of us have families and children, but we do joke around pretty hard. Leaving for child duty/family responsibilities during the middle of a raid is perfectly acceptable and nobody would bat an eye. 

- Anonymous is an Open Bid DKP guild, Mains>Apps>Alts 

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